Friday, July 1, 2016

The Strange Chapter Of Dr. Jewkyll And Mr. Hymn - Day 2

Dearest Diary, this morning I re-read Isaiah Chapter 53 as planned to see if I would start to develop tendencies towards Christian beliefs. Reading Chapter 53 by itself I can almost understand why some Christians think it supports the idea of vicarious atonement although I think a better explanation is that it is merely saying that a person or persons who can maintain good morals and ethics in the face of persecution set a good example for others. Again, when I looked at the surrounding chapters it's clear to me that Chapter 53 describes the nation of Israel and any theme of vicarious atonement in 53 is not supported by the rest of Isaiah. I did not have the rest of the Tanakh available for comparison. Still, I remain curious as to why the Christians consider Chapter 53 to be such good evidence for the truth of Christianity so I've decided to remove Chapter 53 from Isaiah for tomorrow's reading and put the rest of Isaiah in my safety deposit box along with the rest of the Tanakh. No significant unusual behaviour noted although tonight I actually lost to my computer at chess at level 13 in 40 moves. I'm sure this is just a temporary setback. Also, while flipping channels this evening I noticed a show called World Federation Wrestling which looked God-awful. I complained to my cable company that I never ordered this show but they assured me that I've always had it since I've had cable. Strange that I've never noticed it before. 

Once again, I accidentally saw Donald Drumph tonight. Idiot. He may have some small point to make on immigration I suppose. I find him really annoying but maybe he is entertaining.

Sincerely, Dr. Henry Jewkyll

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