Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Strange Chapter Of Dr. Jewkyll And Mr. Hymn - Day 1

Continued from The Strange Chapter Of Dr. Jewkyll And Mr. Hymn

Day 1

Dear Diary, this morning I read Isaiah Chapter 53 as planned to see
if I would start to develop tendencies towards Christian beliefs as
Christians claim that it is the best evidence for the truth of
Christianity. But after I read it and then looked at the surrounding
chapters of Isaiah it was clear to me that the nation of Israel was
being described and not Jesus. I next looked at the rest of Isaiah
and couldn't find any support for the Christian interpretation that
Isaiah 53 describes the vicarious atonement of Jesus. Finally,
skimming through the rest of the Tanakh I can see that this type of
human sacrifice is expressly prohibited and condemned as a Pagan
ritual so I really don't understand how the Christians can view
Chapter 53 as they do. I've decided that tomorrow I will confine
myself to reading Chapter 53 alone so I've removed Isaiah from my
Tanakh and put the rest of the Tanakh in my safety deposit box. That
way I can focus on Chapter 53 just in case I missed something during
the first look through. No unusual behaviour noted. I had been
beating my computer chess program regularly at level 13 and was ready
to move up a level but tonight I could only manage a draw. Probably
just because I'm tired due to the experiment. I'll go to bed earlier

Flipping channels, I accidently saw Donald Trump tonight, PT Von
Clownstick! What a buffoon. I removed Faux News from my list of
channels long ago and thought that was the only place you could still
see Clownstick. Anyway, I could only stand a few seconds of him.

Dr. Henry Jewkyll

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