Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Star Of David Trek

It’s the year 2,025. Israel has recently achieved final peace with all of its Arab neighbors culminating in the opening of the Benjamin Netanyahu Academy of Acting in Cairo and the Yassir Arafat Institute For Reformed Terrorists in Tel Aviv. Thanks to the new peace Israel has replaced its policy of mandatory military service with mandatory graduation from medical school. Also, because of key military  secrets given to Israel by super spy Jonathan Pollard, Israel has become the world leader in science and technology.

Through the conversion of its resources from military applications  to scientific applications Israel has become the first country to develop a ship, the “USS Enteraplea Pollard,” which is capable of going back in time. The “USS Enteraplea Pollard” has been sent on a secret mission to go back in time and remove Chapter 53 from the writings of Isaiah.

To Be Continued :

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