Friday, February 14, 2020

Is Palestinian Terrorism Good For Israel?

1. Introduction of the Issue

The Question
The question of this post is whether or not Palestinian Terrorism is good for Israel. In order to answer the question one needs to define "what is good for Israel". For purposes of this post I will assume that what is good for Israel is land. The post will then discuss the historical relationship between Palestinian Terrorism and its effect on the quantity of Israeli land. 

2. Discussion

1947 UN Partition Plan For Israel/Palestine
The above is the original proposed separation of land for Israel and the Palestinians per the 1947 UN Partition Plan. This post will emphasize the changing relationship over time/events/offers between Israeli land and (offered/non-Israeli) Palestinian land. The comparison will primarily be quantitative rather than qualitative as quantitative is more objective. 

Per this plan Israel was to receive 54% of the land, the Palestinians 45% and 1% would be the International city of Jerusalem. Qualitatively, the majority of the land is in the Negev desert and Israel was allocated almost all of the Negev. 


Israeli/Jewish = Acceptance of Plan.

Palestinian/Arab = Rejection of Plan and position that it would not accept any land being given to a Jewish State. 

Subsequent Events

On May 14th 1948 Great Britain left Israel/Palestine. The next day all surrounding Arab countries invaded Israel with the intention of not allowing any Israeli/Jewish State. Egypt and Jordan, the two main invading Arab powers, did not intend any Palestinian State either, they wanted to colonize parts of Israel/Palestine for themselves. It's unclear, if the Palestinians would have been able to decide for themselves, whether or not to accept the Partition Plan, they would have or not. In any case they allied with the surrounding Arab countries.

In preparation for the invasion Palestinian/Arab leaders publicly threatened that the intent of the invasion went well beyond a mere military victory:

"Haj Amin al-Husseini said in March 1948 to an interviewer in a Jaffa daily Al Sarih that the Arabs did not intend merely to prevent partition but "would continue fighting until the Zionists were Annihilated".[115]"

[Note al-Husseini was the highest Muslim religious figure in Palestine and had recruited Palestinians for the SS during WWII]

Arab Higher Committee:

"The Palestinian Arabs make a grave declaration before the UN, before God and before history that they will never submit to any power that comes to Palestine to impose a partition. The only way to establish a partition is to get rid of them all: men, women, and children."

Arab League's Secretary-General Azzam Pasha:

"I personally wish that the Jews do not drive us to this war, as this will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades"

Plenty more where those came from but you get the idea. 

Conclusion = Palestinian/Arab reaction to Israeli/Jewish acceptance of the Partition Plan was Terrorism. 

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